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For a flat fee per month we can provide all your IT support. Whether your business is large or small, having sudden large bills is always difficult to budget for. Have the peace of mind that your IT will remain reliable with a regular payment that suits your budget.

Who do you turn to in an I.T. crisis?

When you least expect it often when trying to meet deadlines, your normally trustworthy computer or printers let you down.

P.C.s and software are normally robust and stable, but from time to time, something goes wrong. A simple call for help to Computer Confidence can solve the problem and will save your business time, money and most of all, frustration!

With over eight years working with large corporate networks, such as the BBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, we have gained expertise at all levels;

Single PC,
Networked file server,
Local Area Network (LAN),
Wide Area Networks (WAN), their support and management.

Our Design and Installation Service will ensure your Network is 'right' from the start. Our thorough initial consultation will compile your Company's individual needs in an efficient, productive and cost effective way.

Combined with our Project Management Services, the installation and commissioning will be smooth and trouble free minimizing disruption.

Computer Confidence keeps everything running smoothly

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Servers, Networks and PCs

  • Is your I.T. reliable?
  • Are you getting the maximum benefits for your company?
  • What position would your company be in if your back-ups fail?
  • Are you paying too much?
  • Do you need reliable support from someone who understands your business and its IT?
  • Do you need someone with the people skills to communicate the processes you need?
  • Would you like someone to offload the strain and administrative burden of IT support?
  • Is your contract flexible?


Let Computer Confidence be your IT department