Bespoke softwareBespoke Software

Are you struggling to find an off-the-shelf system that will do what you want?

Do you want your IT systems to be more productive?

Is your business demanding functionality that doesn't exist in your current systems?

Do you want your existing systems to deliver what your competitors are offering
or be the first to do so?

Do you need to integrate new and existing systems?

Your business is unique! Do you need software to cope with your specific needs?

Make your I. T. work smarter for your business

Package Tailoring

Have you ever wished that you could make your existing software do specific tasks that would streamline your business?

Computer Confidence can provide bespoke software and the skills required to do just that.

Solving a problem that is unique to your business can improve efficiency and therefore increase your business.

Using bespoke Software and tailoring applications, you can save time by automating repetitive tasks. From building letterhead, compliment slips and invoice templates into word, to getting Outlook to prompt you to contact a potential customer, Computer Confidence can tailor the applications.

Perhaps you started but were unable to finish, let Computer Confidence complete the task for you. Or, perhaps you finished but haven't the time to update or modify. Let Computer Confidence provide an estimate for updating your applications.

Do you have too much work to complete?
Are you in danger of missing deadlines and need help?
Computer Confidence staff can help meet those deadlines by providing additional effort to complete developments to time.

Application Design and Construction

Computer Confidence can help you design and build applications, to do tasks your existing software can't do for you.

The combination of your business requirements, the needs of your staff and our experience, will ensure that every possible requirement is included. This detailed statement of requirements - following a review - is used to produce a high level specification. This specification, which is unique to your business, then forms the basis of the application.

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